First leg of moving: complete


Friday was the big day to begin moving, as I wrote earlier. And so, Friday is the day I began to move. 

I woke up startlingly early for a summer day, and was soon pressed with the realization that this is the last time I’ll wake up in this bed for a long, long time. So I fell asleep to relive that moment. After I completely woke up, my morning was a whirlwind of packing and cleaning and packing and cleaning. I made the very important decision to bring some cat paraphernalia my best friend gave me: a blanket with pictures of kittens on it, and a cat shaped rug. I wasn’t going to, but who can resist some kitty stuffs?

My mom had a very busy day working, and had to stay a bit longer. That was okay, I wanted to say goodbye to my Dad. He had a certain bitter sadness to him, but refused to cry. I’ve only ever seen him cry four times: when his grandparents passed away, at his uncle’s funeral, and when I graduated. I could tell that me leaving was taxing on him, but it was too late for that. We went for a car ride to drop my mom off at her next client’s house, and waited outside. Her five dogs, two pugs, two chihuahuas, and one mutt, soon noticed us. The mutt ran off, but we were soon being circled by the pugs, who would jump up onto the hood whenever they wanted. It was like Sharknado, my dad later recounted to my mom, but with pugs. It was at that moment that I realized how much I would miss him.

We kept the goodbyes brief and formal. I gave my dad and brother one hug each, and told them both to stay out of trouble. I then picked up my cat, Spooky, and snuggled him deeply. He purred contently, and nuzzled deeper. It broke my heart when I had to put him down and shut the door for the last time. I almost feel sadder leaving my cat behind, as he does not understand English. He doesn’t know that I’ll be back in December. What he does know is that I’m gone. Humans at least understand this, and are able to use Skype or call me.

Driving to my grandparents’ house, around 2.5 hours away, was an absolute nightmare. We were late because we had to fuss over the turtles, ensure they were okay, and do some errand-running. I then spent a long time worrying the turtles weren’t breathing so I had to poke them to ensure they were simply asleep. They were. The weather was atrocious. It was very dark, rainy, and foggy. It took a lot of effort to even see the lines. At one point, it was nearly impossible. 

Yet, I am here. I must end this now, for my journey is not complete. I will be waking up at 5 am for breakfast and to pack up the truck, then will drive the 14 hours to Toronto. Then, maybe I’ll do a proper post. The turtles are a bit confused now, just waking up. I didn’t realize their new platform had no suction cups (oops) so I had to twist-tie it to their makeshift tank. They’re swimming around now, healthy, but confused.

tl;dr I began my trip to Toronto, the weather sucked.