Losing my mind on long car trips


Last night, I was in high spirits about the move. Now, I’m just plain miserable.

We have been driving since 630 am, or about 9 hours. We have another 3 and a half to go. Compared to the rest of the drive, it sounds like a piece of cake, right? I am losing my mind and want to poof myself to Toronto.

It is the final countdown for the day. Tomorrow there is a little (ok, a lot) of shopping to do, but I’ll be driving for, at the most,  an hour at the time. 9 hours of pissy turtles that won’t go to sleep, of a constant downpour, of crappy country music…. My god, I hate road trips.

In other news, while re-wrapping my turtles, I finally had the chance to sex them. I originally thought that the yellow, older shy turtle was a girl, and the browner, younger, and more outgoing turtle was a boy. Nope, backwards. Oops. I am now in the process of renaming them. I’m thinking about either an old fashioned tough girl name, or a goddess. Gladys is my top pick at the moment, but that’s subject to change. The girl boy turtle is very shy, so maybe something soft and gentle. Perhaps Finn, or Owen. My grandpa suggested Annie, as in Annie Oakley. My mom suggested Soup.

I would now like to do my first shout out on my blog to Rachel from Sault St Marie’s McDonald’s! Congratulations, Rachel, I had to eat dry chicken nuggets and fries because you forgot the sweet and sour sauce and ketchup. There’s a reason your nametag has 0/5 gold stars, Rachel. Please send the sauce to my dorm room. Thanks love.

Really though, but chicken nuggets are nasty without sauce. I would never recommend it, to anyone.

I also talked to a new friend today! I think we’re friends, but I’ve been wrong  before. Another big shout out to him for keeping me amused for a few hours.

There are now 3 hours and 15 minutes before arrival. Good grief.

tl;dr I whine about traveling. That’s basically it.