My first month into university


One month later, I finally remembered to update this silly thing. My first month was an absolute whirlwind. I had a blast during the Frosh week: it was the perfect start to the year. My favourite event was probably the scavenger hunt all around Toronto. I got the chance to see some of life inside the scary city. I also bonded with my friends, and made a few new ones, too! I’ll be sure to sit down and make an actual post about Frosh week once I get some of that rare free time.

I also moved into my room, and met my roommate. We were both 100% terrified, and for good reason. We are utter opposites, and I love it. She’s very quiet, and I’m very loud. She likes science, and I like languages. However, there’s one thing in common: we’re both oddballs. We, amazingly enough, get along very well. In a sense, she’s kind of like the sister I never had, minus all the fighting and craziness. I’m very happy that we were roomed together. My side of the room, however, is usually a mess. However, there is a very good reason for this!….
I sprained my ankle very badly the second week of school. I was at the gym with a friend (my second roommate, because she spends so much time in my room she might as well live there) at 7 in the morning. We were on the treadmills when we stepped off. Now, for some reason, the cords were exposed. And they were right beside a platform around a foot high. I tripped over the cord, then fell off the platform by kind of rolling off. Apparently it was like a barrel roll. I honestly thought I was going to just walk it off. Nope, I had to be driven back up to my dorm room by the staff. I sent a picture to my mom, who thought it was broken and insisted I go to the hospital. So, Sam (second roommate) and I hopped into a taxi and off we went. We were both in remarkably high spirits, even though I was in absolute agony. A few xrays and painkillers later, it was discovered I have a really, REALLY bad sprain. I am on crutches now, for another 2-4 weeks, because 2 weeks on them isn’t enough!

My classes are going alright. Honestly, I’m pretty worried about them even though I know I shouldn’t be. It’s an awful nagging feeling that you’re not smart enough. Its incredibly easy to fall behind in readings, and its a challenge to keep up. However, I know with proper time management, I will be just fine.

tl;dr I moved into university, sprained my ankle, and worry about classes.

ankle unnamed


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